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Jul 23, 2020

In this episode, Claire Tracey and I discuss all of the important factors to consider so that you can return to the gym after lockdown in a safe and progressive manner.

The points of discussion include:

  • Why picking back up from before is unwise.
  • Considerations if your goal is fat loss
  • Exercise selection
  • Rep ranges and loading
  • How to approach training volume
  • Considerations on your diet approach
  • Mindset awareness

After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Physiology & Sport Science and a Masters in Strength & Conditioning, she pursued a career in performance sport.

She has worked with a variety of organisations, athletes and teams, at a range of levels and ages in the UK.  Including the Sport Scotland Institute of sport and The University of St. Andrews.

Along her journey, she has also utilised her skills in different areas of the industry such as Health & Fitness, whereby she has created, developed and delivered education for fitness professionals.

Her role at Gloucestershire university combines the skills she has gained over the years enabling her to expand her knowledge in the field and develop her experience through research. She is able to continue her work with athletes, working with Bristol FC Women’s Academy squad and also aid in the development of future coaches into the industry, things that she is very passionate about.


You can reach Claire Tracey on the following links:

Instagram - @claire_tracey_fitness

Twitter - @CITracey86


Book mentioned: The Achievement Habit


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